Sunday Soul – Back Road To Nirvana


Last sunday’s transmission was a refreshing taste of the old country. I was listening to the Waveform ep by UR, where the title for this week’s transmission comes from (side A, track 2,) and found myself with a TR-909 in my throat, and a TB-303 between my eyes, and I took a little journey down memory lane. I sat for a long time as the record clicked in it’s closing lock groove remembering my hands on devices, my mind empty, and a warehouse full of ravers willing to dance all night, cheer at each refrain, and myself amazed at every little blinking light, thrilled by each new sound, feeling like we were each working together to change the world forever. I journeyed back further to a time when I rushed home from my job in a shirt and tie, and didn’t even take off my dress shoes before I was slouched over my Korg M1 clicking the little round plastic buttons, designing patches, and moving the sliders on my Emax II sampler, making beats, mixing loops, and dreaming of a day when I might finally get to play these strange songs for people… and then I went back to a place where I played the bass in a band, the drummer was drumming, the singer was singing, my spiked hair stood straight up over my sweaty face, head bobbing to the drone of the music, feeling so different from everyone else, even my band mates, and wishing there was some way for this refrain to continue, and let some of the aching within me out somehow. Then I went back to place where I was standing on a corner talking to myself, no band, no records, nothing — Angry at the world, disconnected and totally alone. Then I saw myself at five years old, sitting at the piano, playing my first song. And like all my songs it was much too long, and my family began talking amongst themselves before it was over, and began leaving the room. Even then, at five, I could not express myself in a way which expressed that thing I felt — all my life — that something which only dancing for hours, mixing and layering, totally giving myself to the music, opening my mouth and simply letting the words come out could even begin to approach. When I realized that the record was over I played it again. I realized a little more just how blessed we have been. We are so lucky to have travelled through a time of three chords, a verse, a chorus, and a fade… a hairdo, and a video. We have personally transformed the world and it’s experience. Everyone who has been there, even in your mind.

So I wanted to draw from these memories, this gratitude, and begin our journey from the end of my reverie and carry it forward into the present. The past, after all, is long gone. Rather than spending another moment of my time sifting through the dust of things which are not actually happening, I want to draw strength, love, hope, and forgiveness from these wonderful and spectacular things in order to trace the lines of what is to come.

These are inspirational times for music, art, dance, and words. While access to these things has blown so wide open that it may seem like the agencies of transmission have been broken beyond repair — so much radio there’s no radio at all — so much television that there’s nothing on — so many words all over the inter-web, on pages in front of us, and plastered all over everything in sight that there is nothing to read — but remember that one of the best things about our experience is our tenacity, our thirst for change, and discovery. So we gather, however we can, and we listen, as best we can, and we connect in spite of the blown out world and it’s hunger for profit, and exploitation… every day we prove the world and its ache for self destruction absolutely wrong.

The program was another excellent turn out, the chat moved so fast I barely had a moment to connect… I was lost in my own thing, journeying back, and pulling it forward, I had a little disco accident and that taught me to keep to my work on the decks, mixing ancient records, new records, and digital swatches together with care and making an effort to weave things into a tapestry which when I was done seemed to be here the entire time. Full circle. Home.

Here is the track listing for Sunday Soul: back road to nirvana:

1. Sunday Soul – Program ID
2. My Mind Is Going – Deranged Version – ODC
3. Tango 59 – Brothers Vibe
* all your life…
4. Can You Feel It – Masi & Mello’s Late Nite Fix – Mr. Fingers
5. No turning back – Marcus Aurelius Remix – Gershon
6. Synergistic – Willie Graff
7. The Message Is Love – The Message Is Dub Mix – Arthur Baker
8. House Nation Under A Groove – Da Rebels
** a serious disco accident
9. Lost Children of House – Lost Heros Mix – Unknown
10. Out of the Jungle – Lost Heros Mix – Afrikali
* What feels right in the wilderness?
11. if you wouldn’t mind – Sunshine Jones
12. Come For The Vibe – Above Ground
13. Electric – King Britt Remix – Unknown
14. Kung Fu Man – Peaking Duck Mix – Master Po
* The teacher appears
15. Get on down – Mr. Scruff
16. Bonafied Lovin – Sweetlight Remix – Chromeo
17. Half Inch Jack – Filthy Cow
* Ganesha appears as the harald of tara
18. Cloning Experiment – Above Ground
19. Backroad to Nirvana – UR
20. Oblivion – Dixon’s Edit – I Cube
21. Highway To Saturn – D-Pulse
22. dirtylove (rough and long mix) – s. jones
23. I can feel your love (slip slip slippin away) – acapella – Sampson and Delilah
24. I Can Feel It – Dreamhouse
25. If you wouldn’t mind – Tiger Stripes Acid Dub – Sunshine Jones
26. My Mind Is Going – Total Insanity Mix – ODC
27. Omega – Original Mix – Hiroshi Watanabe
* Home
28. Power Through Part III – Kai Alc’e
29. City Shell – Salt Sweet
* In our response to love
30. Memory Lane Refund (Alexander Maier Remix) – Mugwump
* Loving ourselves
31. We are what we are – Sunshine Jones *
32. This Celebration – East River Rituals
33. (Your Sins) My Fantasies – Above Ground
34. Lazer Sex – Drrtyhaze
35. Changes – Instrumental – Imagination
36. Sunday Soul – Program ID
37. (Fallin’ Like) Dominoes – Donald Byrd – Especially For Matty
38. Sunday Soul – Program ID

Total Running Time: 03 Hours 44 Minutes 24 Seconds
* Performed Live
** Serious Disco Accident