Sunday Soul – Burning Goddesses & Shooting Diamonds – Episode 193


Holy crap. Sunday Soul has been completely on fire. This entire year’s end has been nothing but deeply satisfying mosaics of the most beautiful music and expression for me. Things have been so hard, unduly trying and painful lately, and what I’ve done is rather than mule and puke about it, I have turned my attention completely to my craft, and focused, working harder, planning ambitious themes, and giving all I’ve got. And it seems to have paid off. The last four or five sundays have blown my fucking mind and filled my heart with fire, and inspiration. Last night’s transmission was no exception. The last of 2009’s programs, Burning Goddesses and Shooting Diamonds was a theme based around a pair of Bowie Re Edits – Golden Years, which I attacked with my 303 and a really interesting filter – and Fame, which I simply re equalized, and rearranged to feel the funk better and a whole lot longer – I was working on a revision of Space Oddity, but time ran out and I didn’t get it done. Poor Major Tom. I’ll wrap these edits up into a package for you in the treehouse muzique shop sometime later today and post something about it for you.

Ultimately, the idea was to take the internal conversation and glamorize it with as much space as possible. In the end it was a Sunshine Jones tapestry, rather than some Bowie tribute, and I’m pretty happy about that. I may never abruptly change my style, but I will bend the sounds of time to my will, and slip them into my secret transmissions for the sake of a theme any time. What did we learn? Bowie’s a freaky wannabe? You can’t cook a diamond in a spoon? Sunday Soul classics are amazing? What I learned is that it takes more than a lightning bolt and a body suit to assimilate with the aliens, but it’s sure fun when you drive.

We got down in a most peculiar way – starting out with Warsawa – the seminal Eno/Bowie collaboration from the album Low which influenced Ian Curtis enough to name his band Warsaw before abruptly switching it to Joy Division at the last minute before the first single came out – and whispering my heart’s secrets to your sweet, dry lips, and we built from there – rising up to something intense and beautiful, with a little funk and some tender fucking too. I think someone said “It takes a gentle and refined touch to make love to us like this every sunday” and I pretended not to notice, but these last two months have been mad, and marvelous, and I have to say, come what may, that I love making love with you every sunday.

Here is the track listing for Sunday Soul – burning goddesses and shooting diamonds:

1. Sunday Soul – Program ID
2. Warszawa – David Bowie
* introduction
3. Flying Nightmare – Acos Coolkas Version – Space
* burning goddesses and shooting diamonds
4. Dark Flies – Baldelli & Dionigi
5. Witzkraft – Satoshi Fumi Remix – Stefanowitz
* like wet silk drying on the line, waving in the breeze
6. Give It To Me – Wamdue Project Remix – Rasmus Faber
7. Innerfearence – Chateau Flight Remix – Spectral Empire
8. Golden Years – Sunshine Jones Re Edit – David Bowie
9. Signals – Emperor Machine Remix – They Came From The Stars I Saw Them
* I love to watch your face as you fight your mind
10. I Feel Space – Lindstrom
11. The Sea And The Sky – Padded Cell Remix – Future Loop Foundation
12. Take My Breath Away – Gui Boratto
* aching for you to take over
13. Same Sun – Prins Thomas Karaoke Version – Boozoo Bajou
14. The Sky Is Full Of Stars – Sunshine Jones *
15. Wakanapi – Pryda
16. Hey Hey – Robaco Bossa Hit The Drums Refix – Dennis Ferrer
17. Fantasy – Maddslinky Dub – Atjazz
18. Fame – Sunshine Jones Re Edit – David Bowie
19. The Hit – Crazy P
20. I Do Love – Marcus Aurelius’ Shagstrumental – The Soul Live Elements
21. Radiotaxi – Matias Aguayo
22. Cardiology – Isolée Mix – Recloose
23. Why Don’t You Answer – SirBilly Edit – Eberhard Schoener
24. Digital Yoga – Hesohi
* be still my sweet love…
25. Insulin – Dominic Martin
26. Simple Things – Work It Out – Todd Terje Version – Shit Robot
* try to keep it all inside
27. Caprice – Bogdan Irkük
28. I Go Deep – Jim Rivers
29. We Are What We Are – Sunshine Jones *
* dance with me
30. Sapphire – Escort Remix – Zombi
31. Auf dem Hof – Kalabrese
32. Inside Out – Kink & Neville Watson
33. Hypnogogia – Dynamachine
34. North East – El Carlitto
* make love with your soul
35. Now You’re Calling – For Love Dub – Mellow Madness
36. Haraball – Ytre Rymden Dansskola
37. Space Oddity – David Bowie
38. Sunday Soul – Program ID
39. Young Americans – David Bowie
40. Sunday Soul – Program ID

* not included in the archive *
I replayed the re edits for the folks who showed up late
41. Golden Years – Sunshine Jones Re Edit – David Bowie
42. Fame – Sunshine Jones Re Edit – David Bowie
43. Sunday Soul – Program ID

Total Running Time: 04 Hours 03 Minutes 49 Seconds
* Performed Live