Sunday Soul – Man With A Moustache – Episode 191


Last night’s transmission was much more personal for me than I’ve allowed myself to be lately. I know, I know I’ve been decidedly lighter, and dirtier than usual lately, don’t ask me to explain that any better than I already have with the music here, but sometimes being intimate doesn’t include play, or sex. That’s not to say that we didn’t get down last night, because we did, but we waited until it was just us to dive into your waters. It’s typical of me to wait until it’s impossibly late to start kissing your stomach, and running my warm hands all over you isn’t it? I’m sorry baby. I know how much you love the morning, and how much you love to get enough rest. I know it’s frustrating for you sometimes. Maybe more frustrating than wonderful. But there’s something about the wee hours that just opens my heart to you, and when all my boundaries are down, that’s when I want to taste you most.

I planned a theme – man with a moustache – to talk without talking about the art of hiding in the light. The image on the poster is of a man with a mustache, wearing gucci sunglasses, disaffected, smoking, a tear in his eye, and lipstick on his face. There is an very enthusiastic woman on his back, holding on for dear life. The walls are faded, and the rainbows are very bright. He seems far away, but there’s an ace of spades in his pocket. I worked as hard on the poster as I did on the set itself. The essence is that of the five of cups – where a figure stands weeping at the river over the cups which have spilled out, and is otherwise unaware of the full cups resting safely behind them. We regret the past, or the mistakes we’ve made at times, and fashion a life from these regrets. We learn every day the limits to our love. We try our best, but generally retreat into what’s already so deeply ingrained within us. We’d like to change, we’d like to grow, but the sad truth is that most people just don’t change. Change is horrifying, and to even consider these things seems absurd, and a waste of mental energy. But if life after diving from the cliffs of Aqua Azul, dancing on the shores of Minorca, sailing on a drunken catamaran in the San Francisco bay and watching the sail flip too far over your head as you trapeze to counter it, but it goes over into the frozen bay anyway, to stand quietly at the top of Haleakala just before sunrise, drumming completely nude in the mud beaches of Tulum, screaming at the Barcelona moon, walking aimlessly through Paris for a week without meeting or speaking to a single solitary soul, standing still in the overwhelmingly crowded streets of Tokyo, dancing for hours and hours and hours on the monolithic beaches of highway one, must surely be one which is transformed and truly changed by these experiences?

I have my doubts, and I’ve been keeping them to myself lately… to struggle is useless. So I don my mustache, slip on my sunglasses, and let go… For the moment, I surrender. I am clear that when these things don’t come out of me regularly, with effort on my part, they only come out wrong. So it’s back to my studio, silently, for hours each day, pressing toward creation, output, music. I don’t think I care any more if this work takes care of me or not — naturally I need to be taken care of — but certainly the world doesn’t owe me a living. I owe it to myself, to my friends and family. Whatever I’m carrying, whatever I’ve let go of, whatever I’ve lost, is simply where I am… and so I’ll shimmer and shine in the delights of what’s left behind, and try to be as gentle as I can.

The show itself was a lot of fun. The chat got a little wild, and I found myself defending madonna’s daughter’s mustache (something I swear I never anticipated myself doing.) I planted my flag and childishly declared that “sunday is mine!” and immediately regretted it. Still it felt good to stick up for myself. Honestly I wasn’t really paying attention. I was dancing, mixing, singing, speaking, and weeping wildly with nothing on but a moustache and my sunglasses. Lost to you, and lost to the sea around me. But I’m sure I left my moustache in your panties. If you find them, it might be fun to have it back…

Here is the track listing for Sunday Soul: man with a moustache:

1. Sunday Soul – Program ID
2. Landscapes – Shit Robot Remix – Idioma
* introduction
3. Discomachine – Lifelike
* kissing the five of cups
4. Pushin – Original Mix – Adam K, Dataworx
5. Transitions – Sunshine’s No Voice At All Version – Dennis Ferrer
* a little knowledge…
6. The Revolution – Rocco
* ’round here, we take our time
7. The Hit – Crazy P
8. Lindstrom – Smalltown Supersound
9. Digital Yoga – Hesohi
* prayers for a quiet mind, still hands, and a silent tongue
10. Feel It For You – Planetary Access Mix – Alternations
11. It’s You – New York – London Mix – Mr. & Mrs. Dale
12. Kjappfot – Ytre Rymden Dansskola
13. Annihilate – Lost Entity
14. Blackjoy – La Stache – Moustache
15. Fill up my heart – Sunshine Jones
16. Blind – Hercules Club Mix – Hercules and Love Affair
17. Hit On You – Projections
18. Reflections – Reflection Border
19. I Forgot You – Atjazz
20. Gotta Need – Mattias Tanzmann Remix – Freestyle Man
21. Move On – Jimpster’s House Dub Mix – Random Factor
* How does it feel now?
22. Deep Beginning – Karol XVII, MB Valence
23. The Genius Of The Crowd – DOP
24. Talk to Me – Sasha Mix – Hysterix
25. Hum Along And Dance – United F Re Edit- The Jackson 5
26. Hazel – Ewan Pearson House Dub – Junior Boys
* Goin’ Home
27. Cube – Move D
* your sensitive skin and my thick moustache
28. Woman Cry – Blakdoctor Dub – Blakdoctor
29. The Captain of Her Heart – Sunshine Jones Re Edit – Michael Franks
30. Superflight – Maurice Fulton Remix – Ch√Ęteau Flight feat. Marie Daulne
31. Night Drive – Juan Atkins
32. You Don’t Know – Original Mix – Soda Inc.
* whispering to your beautiful back in the middle of the night
33. Rasmus Faber plays the Marimba – Tiger Stripes
34. High Scenes – Tennishero
35. Rub Your Potion – Fear of Theydon Mix – Grand National
36. Moustache – Prins Thomas DiskoMixs – Blackjoy
37. Love Love Love – Aeroplane Mix – Low Motion Disco
* close your eyes and feel
38. Sunday Soul – Program ID
39. Israel – 12″ mix – Siouxsie and The Banshees

Total Running Time: 03 Hours 59 Minutes 13 Seconds
* performed live