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Sunday Soul first broadcast in April of 2004. Originally the show was a discussion and discovery forum for my friends, heroes and enemies to gather, discuss, seed plant and play some music. It began at 3pm and went often past midnight. The program evolved by year two into a mosaic type mix where I would challenge myself with a theme, write music, create re edits, and perform a live mix – singing, speaking, voice clips, and music to attempt to live up to the theme each week.

I did this for about eight years with some serious dedication. The posters became art, the mixes grew into five hour + masterpieces, and I found it to be a deeply challenging and inspiring way for me to grow as an artist, a musician, a vocalist, a writer, and as a human being.

Year seven was spent doing a monthly residency live in public at Space Gallery in San Francisco. I also developed Sunday Soul Unlimited where I would broadcast from a roof top, out in the middle of a field, or anywhere I could while I was touring or on the road. These were longer, wilder, and more expansive transmissions. It was wonderful.

By year nine I had to take stock of myself – I had been devoted to a growing listenership, but a shrinking community, and it was costing me $700 a month to broadcast, select music, design, promote, trouble shoot, and maintain my free transmission. Additionally it was taking up 3-4 days a week of my life. I decided it was too much work for nothing in return. So for year ten I broadcast 12 final programs, once a month, and asked $10 for the archives.

Naturally my devoted audience was grumpy about being asked to pay, and also once a month is a very different relationship than a weekly one. Rather than being something everyone can rely on, a week ender, or reliable part of one’s life – Sunday Soul became a special event. Listenership grew even more, but the active real-time community shrank. However the up side was that now that I was less available, I found my professional life on a lovely upswing. People wanted to hear me, and they missed me. So bookings exponentially increased.

Still, the problem I set out to solve – How to translate myself as a solo artist into the public environment whilst preserving the intimate, gentle, intellectual, and loving nature of what I wanted to say into the real world without compromising the quality of the work – and how to distinguish myself from my former alliance with Dubtribe Sound System (my band of 20 years) and stand on my own with my own voice – to truly be Sunshine, and not “Sunshine from Dubtribe” was only half met.

Over the last eight months I’ve really missed Sunday Soul. However I feel that the art of internet broadcasting is really dead. My mission in life is not to tie people to a virtual experience, rather, to empower them to switch off their televisions, pocket their phones and head out into the world with joy and love. So I’ve decided to compromise, and thus reinvent, or revive Sunday Soul as something to look forward to and love in your own way every single sunday from now on.

Join us.


Every sunday there will be a new issue. You can listen from your web browser, telephone, tablet, pad, or any other contraption with facilitates the inter-web. Just come home, come here and give me your ears. Every sunday there will be a new piece of art, a new playlist to listen to, and an essay to read and consider.

I expect to continue to travel and perform all over the world, and this place will never be a promotional tool, or sales pitch. This is where we meet, right here in no man’s land, to listen and learn and love and let go…

Little Plans and Designs

I am working on an app for iOS that you will be able to download. If that ever gets done you won’t have to remember to come here. You will be pinged, and the new playlists as well as the old one’s will be at your fingertips. The track listings, liner notes, and artwork, as well as the special event archives will also be yours for the clicking. But that’s a ways off… I have a lot to learn before then. For now, just enjoy this. Come back often. Let’s hang out.

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