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Sunday Soul – The Very Best of the Third Set Of Nine

Year 11 – Playlist 30/52 – Art, Essay and music for the week of November 9th 2014

Three sets of ten are done already in this new format, can you believe it? Thirty, count ’em… three zero. And they’re all here in the side bar for your pleasure too. Did you know there was a sneaky little button on the left at the top where you can listen to everything? All the art, essays, and music remains here for your perusal. Personally I’ve really enjoyed taking a much lighter look at music and art every week, but baby I live for these every ten mixes… So far I don’t feel like the “best of” thing has really worked out. I loved the “Alive” poster, that was fun, but this week I think I really reach a place where I’ve covered a lot of ground in the last ten weeks, and here’s my chance to try to parse it together and mix something special for you.

In the last ten weeks I have been through the Virgin Islands, New Orleans, Santa Barbara, Out to the boonies of California, up to Seattle, and I even played a party for 40 sixteen year old girls in the Kensington hills. I’ve looked at a lot of music, and tried my best to express my thinking, and turn you on to new and old music as best I can – without straying too terribly far from my style and fashion. I think the main things on my mind have already been expressed in my previous essays, but the challenge I haven’t had a chance to talk about with you is how amazingly out of sync the world seems to be at the moment. It’s funny because in the wake of EDM and R & B’s creative revolutions, house music seems to be mainstream now, and a four on the floor kick with a 909 sound isn’t weird or “club” or “gay” or annoying… it seems to make everyone, everywhere dance. I didn’t expect it to come about this way, but I’ve been working for this all my life. It was cute to curate the 16 year old’s party and find mixes of MIA and MNDR that I liked and could mix right into straight up undergound house and keep my head about me. Without having beat anyone to death with a hard piece of cheese, I played music that made everyone dance, and made me feel that my dignity was intact. Kind of amazing really.

And yet when I go to New York I find the deepest of the deep, and the outsider art that moves my soul. In San Francisco we are so mainstream, and so banal that there’s almost nowhere to go, and nothing to do. When something wonderful happens it seems more like an accident to me. The juggernauts of main stream rave have delcared that they aren’t going to play “edm” anymore, and now they are only going to play “deep house” but somehow it all sounds like 128 bpm

progressive trance to me. I’m not saying that’s a terrible thing, I have no shame. I’ll play a trance track at -12 and sing over it. I’m on the righteous path, and that means I never train spot, I never stroke my beard, I don’t judge ahead of time, I go see, and feel and dance and experience the rave for myself. If it reaches me, I cheer and celebrate it. If it falls short, then I try to get closer and understand. What’s inspiring to me, is for me. What’s not isn’t. It’s as simple as that.

In Chicago the response to the main stream embrace of more traditional Chicago house sounds has produced a rough and tough underground sound that reminds me of Amsterdam. In our southern cities the sound seems to be more radio related, and the audience appear to be more fancy, and “club” based, with lounges, and brightly lit experiences which seem to be more of posture, like a festival or a centerfold than about music per se. And everywhere in between seems to have some variety of call and response to the house that’s been adopted, co opted and otherwise unexpressed. The crowds are mixed and divided, separated and exploited. Everyone uses the same words “Deep House” and “The Vibe” but they are all saying different things.

I’m not mad about it. I’m not at all discouraged. Actually quite the contrary, it’s been a fantastic year and 2015 looks like it’s going to be even better… I’m thrilled. But I find myself always looking for trailhead. I’m not at all interested in the past – even though I have felt it was my responsibility in the last ten weeks both to turn you duffers on to new sounds, and see how you liked them as well as restore some of my oldest records to their former station on my turntables as a way of celebrating the past, and turning the new punters on to some of their history.

So we are more than 2/3 of the way though this experiment. I’m enjoying it. The expiration date for this project in this form is week 52 where I plan to play a live broadcast of the entire experiment. But between now and then I’m going to continue to express these ideas, this music, and this artwork in this playlist format for another 22 weeks. And in my life I’m going to keep searching, traveling, performing, and seeking for the path ahead of me on this path. I invite you to refine who you are, open your hearts, and join me on the dancefloor, in the town square, and anywhere you can find me.

I look forward to your beautiful face.

Thank you for listening. See you next week.

Here is the track listing for Sunday Soul: The Very Best of the Third Set of Nine

1. St. Thomas Rain from Hooman’s Balcony
2. The Way (Wolf+Lamb Remix) – Space Coast & JP Soul feat. Audio Angel
3. Gave You My Soul – Monitor 66
4. I Find Myself – Sean Roman
5. Hurt – ENNIO & Davidé
6. I m Gonna Be Alright – Grusha Remix – Vengerov
* dedication and clarification of intention
7. Who You Are – feat. Heidi Happy – Zwicker
8. Bring On The Night feat. Marcus – Rocco TroDeep Remix – Cloudkickers
9. Let’s Work – DJ Ra Soul
10. Lip Reading – Larry Heard Midnight Remix – Soul of Hex
11. Oceans – Öona Dahl & Jonny Cruz
12. Minimal Effort – Jamesen Re & Danny Bonnici
13. No Limit – Jonny Miller Remix – Luka
14. Lenoix – Marcus Worgull & Peter Pardeike
15. Leavin’ Me – David August Remix – DJ T.
16. Shape – Darren Clark
17. Planet Caravan – DJ Steef Edit – Black Sabbath
18. Lovin’ – Ryan E Shaw
19. A New Life – Jazzy Eyewear
20. New York Groove – De Pin Up Club
21. The System – Extended Edit – Replay The Funk
22. Sweet Love – Red Box Lounge
23. Temptation – DJ Ra Soul
24. Feed Me Diamonds – Oliver Nelson Remix – MNDR
25. What Do I Gotta Do – Eric Kupper Club Mix – Urban Soul
26. Money On My Mind (MK Remix) – Sam Smith
27. Green Eyed – St. Stereo
28. Rather Be – The Magician Remix – Clean Bandit
29. Seventh Sun – Adham Zahran & Hisham Zahran
30. St. Thomas Rain from Hooman’s Balcony
31. Sunday Soul – Program ID

Year 11 – Playlist 30|52
09 November 2014
Total Running Time: 02 Hours 18 Minutes 38 Seconds
* Performed Live

Buy this music if you love it. Buy it on vinyl. Play it loud. I am curating something personal for the people I love who take the time to listen. If you have feelings and would like to be stricken from the record here, please let me know and I’d be glad to never play your music here again. I’ve been mad about love before, and I totally understand.

May the stars above you shimmer and shine, guiding your heart always, all of the time. May they guide you sweetly, all the way home. And may all your sundays have soul.