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Sunday Soul – carrier

Year 11 – Playlist 4/52 – For the week of May 11th 2014

As recently as 1977 carrier pigeons have been used to transport morning messages and urgent medications between locations in England. It’s true. Plymouth General Hospital set up a system of locating birds in Plymouth, and food in Devonport, and the pigeons were then trained to travel back and forth to Devonport Hospital twice a day carrying unbreakable vials, messages, and more. 3,000 years ago it was a little more trouble. Originally pigeons could only travel one way – So you had to raise birds, then crate them up and cart them off to a new location and when you had a message for back home, you tied a little message around one of the pigeon’s legs and let them go. The birds would fly home and when they arrived you could get your message. Pretty awesome actually, but once you ran out of birds the lines of communication were down until more birds could be delivered to the destination.

Historically this has been one of the most reliable means of long distance communication. Used in every war for behind enemy lines transmissions – Can’t detect or decode an un captured birds can you? The pigeon’s job was a dangerous one, and yet home they flew to deliver messages from spies and soldiers alike.

Homing pigeons were still employed in the 21st century by certain remote police departments in Odisha state in eastern India to provide emergency communication services following natural disasters. In March 2002, it was announced that India’s Police Pigeon Service messenger system in Odisha was to be retired, due to the expanded use of the Internet.

In telecommunication a similar idea is employed. The carrier wave, typically a beautiful sine wave, is used to transport information in much the same way as a carrier pigeon. A lower frequency input signal is inserted into a high frequency sine wave and then delivered to a receiver using a beat frequency oscillator. Pretty cool right?

The purpose of the carrier is usually either to transmit the information through space as an electromagnetic wave, like a radio, and can carry multiple waves of various frequencies. This is wireless communication – technically it’s also wired communication too – but I thought that sounded really cool to say right there. So modern communication is modeled on the concept of send and return, one way communication between distant points. Technology has allowed us to elaborate on the ideas we have about ourselves as we extrapolate the concept of the transmitter, and the receivers, waves, and pulses, frequency, and processors. The world is wired, and connected in invisible ways which curiously resemble the distant bird flying high above us unnoticed. Only the unseen carrier is unchanged. Like the air moving around the wings of a bird, electricity is modulated to rise and fall to its most efficient form, carrying our tiny letters and characters from point A to point B in what feels like an instant.

Consider all that you ask of this world. Consider your place within it. Aren’t we all a whirling mass of electrons, protons, and neutrons dancing around atoms in a sea of darkness? It’s true, and if it’s true then why is it all so beautiful? What about all this magnificent light?

What are you carrying in your waveform? What would you like to receive? I transmit this message to you in order to reach you, to gently wake you, and smile warmly into your eyes, from my carrier waveform to your beat frequency oscillator, from my exquisite coop of doves to your grand stone balcony.

Thank you for listening. I love you and I’ll see you next Sunday.


Here is the track listing for Sunday Soul: carrier

1. C’est Le Vent, Betty – Gabriel Yared
2. Soul Ballards – Maf Ish
3. What You Feel In Your Heart Makes You Happy – Dubtribe Sound System
4. Blue Fish – Federico y Alvaro
5. Arp Angel – Jay Riordan
6. Chord On Chord – Fer Ferrari
7. Crazy Monkey – Mac-K-Cee
8. You Don’t Love Me – Zakir
9. The Keys – Zweistein
10. Ghana – Dorsia
11. Gates Of Dawn – Soul Clap Mix – Night Plane
12. Conversations – Black Jazz Project Broken Mix – Rhythmikay
13. Feel Like A Loved – Norberque
14. Space – Deeper Mix – Urmet K – TrockenSaft
15. You – Kitt Zenga Remix
16. Beautiful Ride – Sacred Soul Remix – Stones & Bones
17. Sunday Soul – Program ID
18. Can You Feel It – New York Dub – Chez Damier
19. Sunday Soul – Program ID

Year 11 – Playlist 4|52
Total Running Time: 01 Hours 50 Minutes

Buy this music if you love it. Buy it on vinyl. Play it loud. I am curating something personal for the people I love who take the time to listen. If you have feelings and would like to be stricken from the record here, please let me know and I’d be glad to never play your music here again. I’ve been mad about love before, and I totally understand.

May the stars above you shimmer and shine, guiding your heart always, all of the time. May they guide you sweetly, all the way home. And may all your sundays have soul.