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Sunday Soul – Last Metro To Magnificent

Year 11 – Playlist 6/52 – For the week of May 25th 2014

There was a brief moment in time where we didn’t have a name. We weren’t subdivied into micro-distrations and weren’t anything approaching commecially viable. Twenty five to thirty years ago people like you and I were just getting off work at midnight and instead of rushing home to go to bed so we could get up for work again tomorrow, we walked the streets. I don’t care if you lived in Manhattan’s beautifully filthy lower east side, or on the south side of Chicago, in San Francisco’s south of Market warehouse district, or out in Echo Park in LA, after work we found each other.

We were fucking in doorways in those days, and we were dancing all night to music we’d never heard before. The city was a gravitational center of the universe for everyone who ever felt outside the main stream of society. You couldn’t go home, and you couldn’t get ahead. Drugs had destroyed the inner cities of America, and Capitalism had taken the rest. Everyone was lonely, and everyone was alone. What crack hadn’t killed, AIDS was taking care of and so we showed up hollow faced and desperate ready for a fashion show, or a drag performance, a mixture of all the broken hearts and isolated people from all across our landscape.

It didn’t matter if you were into politics, art, fashion, or just there to people watch, by 3am everyone who was there to get high was either gone or slumped over a wet table in the darkest parts of the club, it was happening on the dance floor. Larry Levan, Francois Kevorkian, David Mancuso, Frankie Knuckles, were legendary and distant names that people talked about, but no one had ever heard them play. The bath houses had closed, and the discotheques were ancient history, and the 80’s had stripped us all of everyhting we held close to our hearts. No more punks, no more synth-pop, no more anonymous sex, no more anon salon, and no more love. It was all about paying the bills, and the bills were piling up. The future, they told us, was going to be great when it got here, but there weren’t going to be any jobs, and the war was never going to end, and the only prosperity we had to look forward to was either in Heaven or

from some mythical trickle down stream of gold which was going to reach us once the wealthy had finished filling their pockets.

By 1989 San Francisco was suffering from a 80% commecial vacancy rate, and we couldn’t attract a business to save our lives. As soon as you held a job long enough to get benefits the business would close and you’d have to move on. B of A moved to Texas, Esprit De Corps closed their doors for good, Levis closed their doors and moved to Mexico, and then we had an earthquake that tore down the bridge, and the freeway, and isolated us completely from the rest of the world. That’s when the fun really began.

Like a full moon rising up over our sleeping hearts, the empy space made way for the wail of the lonesome, the left behind, and those of us who were still aching to thrive. We gathered in warehouses painted black, we met up in dark lofts, and old saloons and danced. They locked the doors and called “Stay if you’re staying, go if you’re going, but once I chain this door there’s no turning back!” And we didn’t turn back, we stayed, we were in, we wanted to dance.

Worse things were ahead of us, and they haven’t stopped getting bad, but my heart, and my hopes, and my imagination is still held together by the love and the spirit of a movement without a name. All walks of life gathered together to see one another, and feel the warmth of the music, any music, just rhythm and voices in speakers, just sounds which would move our bodies and bring us together. Mosaics of music woven together by maestros without names, selections of music from the 70’s and b-sides from the 80’s, and new sounds just arriving whithout words, that went on and on and on. We didn’t know eachother yet, we barely knew ourselves. But I’ve never felt so free. I’ve never been so real. I’ve never ached for anything like this before. To be a man, lost in a sea of lights, dancing unselfconciously to drums from nowhere, baslines from deep within my memory, and keyboards from outerspace. Everyone together, no fights, nothing to fear, nowhere else to go but right here. For me this is where

house was born. It changed me forever. I didnt know what it was at the time, I didn’t care at all, I just got on board the last metro to magnificent and I’ve never looked back.

Welcome home.

Thank you for listening. See you next Sunday.


Here is the track listing for Sunday Soul: Last Metro To Magnificent

1. The Poem – Bobby Konders
2. The Sun Rising – The Beloved
3. Bonaire – Al Usher Remix – Dutch Rhythm Combo
4. Forevermore – FK Vocal Mix – Moloko
5. There For Me – Main Vocal Mix – Fish Go Deep
6. Soñando Contigo – Sunshine Jones Extended Remix – Kiko Navarro
7. Follow Me – Club Mix – Aly Us
8. Here’s To You – Skyy
9. You Got Me Running – Lenny Williams
10. To Prove My Love – Ned Doheny
11. Mystery Of Love – Instrumental – Fingers Inc.
12. A Dedication To Joss – Chez Damier
13. Carry On, Turn Me On – Space
14. New Jersey Deep – Black Science Orchestra
15. Tout Est Bleu – Attaboy Remix – Ame Strong
16. I Can Feel It – Dreamhouse
17. Like A Star – Main – Alister Johnson
18. Future – Bobby Konders
19. Sunday Soul – Program ID
20. I Need Somebody To Love Tonight – Sylvester
21. Sunday Soul – Program ID

Year 11 – Playlist 6|52
25 May 2014
Total Running Time: 02 Hours 17 Minutes

Buy this music if you love it. Buy it on vinyl. Play it loud. I am curating something personal for the people I love who take the time to listen. If you have feelings and would like to be stricken from the record here, please let me know and I’d be glad to never play your music here again. I’ve been mad about love before, and I totally understand.

May the stars above you shimmer and shine, guiding your heart always, all of the time. May they guide you sweetly, all the way home. And may all your sundays have soul.