Sunday Soul – DIVISION


It was Thursday already and I had been staring at a photograph of a woman wearing a red Joy Division t-shirt for a little while wondering what this week’s theme for the program might be. The photo was a happy one, everyone seems to like the logo from the first Joy Division album – Unknown Pleasures – these days. It’s everywhere, and often on those just flirting with the idea of deviance. I love Joy Division, and so regardless of the cultural insignificance or intention of the wearing public, I’m into seeing that beautiful waveform anywhere and everywhere I can. I decided, as I made peace with the grinning woman clutching her breast in the red t-shirt that rather than roll my eyes, or walk away silently from this silliness I would do my best to take a tip from her. I resolved there and then to produce a series of Joy Division re edits for this Sunday’s show. Initially I set out to do 12 re edits. I got them all done with 15 minutes to spare, but I spent most of my time working on 24 hours and She’s Lost Control. The rest were really just re synchronizing the songs to play at 120 bpm, and to give them something of an intro so I could mix them, and also to protract breaks and bridges a little in order to give the songs more of a 12″ single feeling. The work got progressively shabby as 10pm drew closer on Sunday, and to be fair, I only played 10 of them – well ok, 9 Joy Division songs and 1 New Order song at the end.

I love my work. I love a challenge. I absolutely love taking happy things and slurring them into beautifully sad blurry things. I also loved the opportunity to take 24 hours – one of the most unpretentiously dark, rhythmically dislocated, and solipsistic songs in the history of modern music and turn it into a delightfully happy italo disco track. So, it seems, I take pleasure in irony and find strength in converting the darkness into the light as well. It was a lovely journey, and I’m so happy to have set the bar so high.

The program was straightforward and easy. Id’ been working in the studio since Thursday night, and I didn’t finish until 9:43pm on Sunday, so it was admittedly very strange to suddenly be playing, and trying to figure out how to create a mozaic of the work I’d just been creating, and then think of something to say, and watching Tim talk about $600 tennis shoes. It was – to say the least – very surreal. But I loved it, and I’m so grateful to you for challenging me in much the way I challenge myself. Thank you.

I am going to wrap up these re edits and put them into an album which I will release this week in the shop over at Not sure what I will include, but I’ll write another note here when it’s decided, packaged, and available so you can go listen to the previews, and read all about it.

Meanwhile, here is the track listing for Sunday Soul – DIVISION:

1. Sunday Soul – Program ID
2. Atmosphere – Joy Division
* a stuttering start
3. Synergistic – Willie Graff
4. Digital Yoga – Hesohi
* now we are divided
5. Rodando a Carmen – LSB
6. 24 Hours – Sunshine Jones’ Dysthymia Inhibitor Version – Joy Division
7. Adaptations – Andreas Saag
* this is the way, step inside…
8. Neeve – Projections, Woolfy
9. For My Love – Barnabun
10. Heart and Soul – Sunshine Jones’ Dub Version – Joy Division
11. Lazer Sex – Drrtyhaze
12. Kill 100 – Carl Craig Remix – X-Press 2
13. She’s Lost Control – Sunshine Jones’ Loss of Motor Function Revision – Joy Division
14. Okay, Cool – TBD
* sunblind
15. Permet de faire l’amour – Kristopher Muse
16. Passover – Sunshine Jones’ Dragging the Fag Re Edit – Joy Division
17. I’m Not Blade Runner – Marcello Giordani
18. Are We There Yet – Audiofly X
19. Decades – Sunshine Jones’ Re Edit – Joy Division
20. Flight 4020 – Jimmy & Fer Ferrari
21. Highway To Saturn – D-Pulse
22. Raise The Roof – James Flavour
23. Work – Prins Thomas Remix – Junior Boys
24. I Remember Nothing – Sunshine Jones’ ReEdit – Joy Division
25. Breathe Here – Gaiser
26. No Disgrace – Audiomontage Remix – Deepchild
27. Signals – Emperor Machine Remix – They Came From The Stars I Saw Them
28. Innerzone – Sunshine Jones Re Edit – Joy Division
29. Bachelet – Sonda
* Different
30. Dark Journey – Journey To The Light Mix – Outmode
31. Love Will Tear Us Apart – Sunshine’s Torn Apart Tempo Re Edit – Joy Division
32. Sunday Soul – Program ID
33. Every Little Counts – New Order
34. Sunday Soul – Program ID

Total Running Time: 03 Hours 16 Minutes 10 Seconds
* Performed Live