Sunday Soul – Imaginary Figures Of Light


It’s there in the corner of your eye. It’s there on the tip of your tongue. It’s there when you’re almost awake, but not all of you. It’s there just before you fall asleep (after you fall, but before you sleep.) It is in your mouth, and on your mind when you are staring off into nothing, between your words, and in the ringing in your ears.

Carl Jung in his book ‘The Philosophical Tree’ says “Filling the conscious mind with ideal conceptions is a characteristic of Western theosophy, but not the confrontation with the shadow and the world of darkness. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” And I find this compelling. We seem to be at what I hope is the fulcrum of our most mundane today, flossing everything with a passive smile when we feel most like screaming, abiding the sexist, childish and selfish treatment of others, and avidly applying it ourselves. We appear to be culturally viaducting our hearts and minds in favor of some stoned state of apathy which is unlovely, and counterrevolutionary. And while it may be too late to salvage the arts of communication, tenderness and delight, it is certainly time for a deep dive into who we really are, what we are doing, and why….

Don’t be afraid of the darkness. Please don’t feel that you have to slather your world in some puerile and helplessly stupid string of illiterate words just to maintain a negative web presence. Please don’t feel that your efforts to communicate are in vain. I was walking down the street yesterday and someone had very carefully scribed “Cock Ass” on a beautiful white wall. I laughed, and stopped and actually took a picture of the work. It was amazing. I see a young man with a pen obsessed with his own penis, and the wonderful thought of either putting it into someone’s ass, or having one put into his own. This young man felt the feeling so urgently that he needed to report it to the world on a white wall in the light of day. I imagine a semi circle of proud parents applauding his great achievement in communication. Our young man’s subconscious seeped out of him, first as electrical impulse, and then as motion and gesture, and then as ink, and finally as letters on a wall. Amused, a little sad, but still smiling, I decided that we are better off reflecting on our own inner experience, sifting it, and then expending our energies attempting to forge these impulses in real life, making our dreams real rather than offering our own dogma as a response to whatever dogmatic impulse we feel “they” are laying on us. As always, we are the prison guards, and there isn’t even a door, let alone a lock of any kind. So yeah, I’m saying that rather than writing this silly tag anywhere, said tagger might have done better and more beautifully to put on a little eyeliner and go turn a trick to see what he really wants (with a condom please.)

As we further justify our obfuscation of ourselves and our truth with politics, stereotypes, and really boring lifestyle trends, taking drugs to titrate our emotional bandwidth, or to blast them wide open while we talk about balance, serenity, and peace (but never about god) I think a long hard and honest look into the trash can is overdue.

I don’t think what lives in the corner of my mind is “darkness” per se. I am not afraid of what I really want. I don’t feel that I need to wrap myself up in ribbons and declare myself “Sharon” and insist you refer to me as “she” from now on is really going to help… but it might be fun (or at least distracting for the time being.)

So let’s look in there together. Let’s dig down deep and then run out to the sea and scream at the stars. Let’s welcome these dancing figures of hope and fury and see what they have to say. Shall we?

I wanted to create a transmission which used my own darkness to reflect the light within me. I wanted to prepare nothing, and open up my mouth, and mix some of the deepest, most repetitive, longest, and most beautiful tracks to welcome the little hauntings of my peripheral vision into the room, into the mix, and out into the night sky.

Here is the track listing for Sunday Soul – Imaginary Figures of Light:

1. Sunday Soul – Program ID
* intro
2. Eiffel In Love – Chronophone
3. Someone Great – LCD Soundsystem
* feel you
4. Revolution In Mordor – Beard In Dust
5. Make me feel – The Groovers
7. Ole – Moritz Von Oswald Remix – Tony Allen
* see something
8. Night Flight – The Revenge
9. Absynth – Marcus Worgull Remix – Projections, Woolfy
10. Free Flight – The Acos Coolkas Synth Touch Mix – Acos Coolkas
11. How Long Do You Plan To Drag Me? – Kosmas Epsilon Remix – Vinayak A
12. Mark My Words (Monkey Boots Remix) – Shallow Taxi Club
13. Coloured Circles – Deepfunk
14. Wireless Internet – Arpanet
15. Melody Of Creed (Monkey Boots Remix) – Shallow Taxi Club
16. Flight 4020 – Jimmy & Fer Ferrari
17. Sky Come Down – Sunshine Jones Stripped Dub – Ganga
* take it all
18. Don’t Turn The Lights On – Christian Martin Dub Remix – Chromeo
19. As Above So Below – Sweetlight Remix – A1 People
20. Bright Light, Dim Light – Bangkok Impact
21. New York Story – Lee Douglas
* disco twilight
22. Give Me Some More – Mike Perras
23. There Is No Light – Rhythm Operator Remix – Luke Fair
24. On the Road – Pie
25. It’s Not Me It’s You – Sunshine’s 120 Straight Re edit – Submotion Orchestra
26. If Alone – Chateau Flight Dub Mix – Sideshow
27. When Daylight Fades – Random Factor
28. Tread Lightly – Process
29. Distant Light – Jimpster
30. The Light You Will See – Deep Dub Mix – Rhythm Slaves
31. Twilight – Remix – Maze
32. City Of Lights – Raiders of the Lost Arp
33. O DJ KO – Afrikans On Mars Meets Yam Who? club mix – ODYSSEY
34. Ready To Flight – Enzo Ponzio
35. ADSR – Mecanique
* you are the light
36. Four Million Miles – Sunshine Jones
* imaginary figures of light
37. Innerfearence – Chateau Flight Remix – Spectral Empire
38. Shine A Light – Flight Facilities Remix – The C90s
39. I Can See The Light – Satin Jackets
40. U R the Best Thing – Sasha Dub – D-ream
41. Dark Journey – Journey To The Light Mix – Outmode
42. Azzurra (It’s Not The Same Version) – Gui Boratto
43. Neon Lights – Kraftwerk
44. Sunday Soul – Program ID
45. The Fall – Live Version – Rhye
46. Sunday Soul – Program ID

Total Running Time: 04 Hours 24 Minutes 15 Seconds
* Performed Live