Sunday Soul – Intimate Behavior


Carl Jung explains “Whatever I say [about romantic love] is a general rule which shouldn’t be recklessly generalized. Humans are a most peculiar experiment of nature and particularly in erotic respects anything is possible. Where love reigns, there is no will to power, and where the will is paramount, love is lacking. The one is but the shadow of the other. The love problem is part of humanity’s heaviest toll of suffering, and nobody should be ashamed of having to pay their tribute.”

I wanted to express something which had everything to do with intimacy – touch, taste, smell, sex, vulnerability, honesty – and behavior – protection, expression, language, defenses, doubts, hesitation, bravery – and tried, in my way, to pay my tribute and offer myself as the power of example. I tried to express this with a mosaic of music which included a few classics from Sunday Soul, but was mostly comprised of new and different music. Lately I’ve been raising the tempo slightly – 121 as opposed to 116 – and since I was extrapolating upon intimacy, I chose to work with 118 as a tempo. There’s something immediately challenging about a slower tempo which matriculates and quickly sifts out those who are unwilling, or unable to pay attention, give of themselves, and receive. It isn’t that I want to be exclusive in my work, but I want so much to be genuinely intimate – especially on a night like this – and in order to feel comfortable enough to go all the way there with you, I need to know that we’re together, present, and that the energy will be returned in a visceral way which I can also feel. Something peculiar about me as an artist is that what makes it best for me is when we are in that reciprocal relationship. Reminds me of my own intimate behavior. I’ve got no interest in services, or taking what I want for myself unless it’s a part of a reciprocal relationship. There is something, for me, which happens in my heart as a part of a dialog, that simply doesn’t go down in a monologue. Maybe it’s a lack of experience or confidence to the contrary. I don’t know. It’s possible it’s damage from my past. That’s likely, but it’s also likely that I am only tracing the footprints of my behavior and uncompromising search for intimacy, vulnerability, trust, joy, and love in all my experiences.

In terms of execution, I was literally spinning from the weekend. I had made a late afternoon trip to Houston, performed in a huge warehouse, and then gone straight back to the airport and flew home. Another trip where I spent more time in the air than I did at my destination. I got home at about noon and thew myself into my bed and slept like the dead until about 6pm. Then I got up and walked down to my local cafe in the refreshing cool of the San Francisco summertime, and had a coffee and collected my thoughts. The broadcast itself was beautifully attended, and the community rose and fell like breathing. We gathered, and connected in a wonderful way. I had a little trouble with the whisper function and lost my nerve, assuming it was probably best to say what I had to say into the mic, out in the open, than obfuscating my internal dialog, and words of encouragement behind the scenes. I had a wonderful time, and can’t wait to do it again.

Here is the track listing for Sunday Soul – Intimate Behavior:

1. Sunday Soul – Program ID
2. Pure Finger – Instrumental Version – Japanese Synchro System
* i can’t explain
3. Conchord – Manuel Tur & Dplay
* I feel, I see, I touch, I taste
4. Oh Yeh Soweto – Teaspoon
5. Waiting For Your Love – Lexx Edit – Young And Company
6. We Are What We Are – Sunshine Jones
* pressing against a thin membrane
7. Miss You – Sunshine’s 119 Re edit – Rolling Stones
* breaking through the barrier of you
8. No Disgrace – Audiomontage Remix – Deepchild
* i feel you
9. Anywhere You Are… – Sunshine Jones
10. Baby I Can’t Stop – Aeroplane Mix – Solale & Lindstrom
11. Fuerza Major – Tensnake Remix – Camaro’s Gang
* the virtue of holding back
12. Low Point – Roberto Rodriguez
* trust and love, intimacy and fear
* it’s true it’s true it’s true…
13. Signals – Emperor Machine Remix – They Came From The Stars I Saw Them
* critical pillow talk
14. Saffron Dreams – Prem Joshua
* revel in the moonlight…
15. Deep Deluxe – Edmund
16. Taste of Snow – Add to Basket Remix – Bjork
17. Wakanapi – Pryda
* the limitations of cliché and social customs established by men make me angry enough to refer to Nietzsche
18. Vehemence Of Silence – Motor City Drum Ensemble Perspective – Andre Lodemann
19. Fill up my heart – Sunshine Jones *
20. Aviator – Poze
* intimate strangers
21. Hot On The Heels Of Love – Throbbing Gristle
22. Absynth – Marcus Worgull Remix – Projections, Woolfy
23. North East – El Carlitto
* giving you head with love and gratitude
24. Square One – Rub n’ Tug Remix – Coldplay
25. Happy – Bent Power Droid Mix – Max Sedgley
26. La Ritournelle – Metronomy Mix – Sebastien Tellier
27. Fingerpaint – Digital Witchcraft
* precious and rare
28. Illusions – Optik
29. Dreamers Live Forever – Jennifa Mayanja
* fall into dreams
30. Caprice – Bogdan Irkük
31. Providence of the Cosmos – JP Phillipe
32. Love To The World feat. Blaze – Rufuss Remix – Sven Love, Catalan FC
33. Sound in a dark room – telefon tel aviv
34. Sunday Soul – Program ID
35. Keep The Lights On (Artwork reMix) – Wave Machines
36. Sunday Soul – Program ID

Total Running Time: 04 Hours 01 Minute 42 Seconds
* Performed Live