Sunday Soul – DISCO HEAVEN


Last sunday’s transmission was a little slice of heaven. It was the finale of DISCO WEEK at We spent the week steeped in the discothéque and had a blast as a community dedicating ourselves to a theme, and I think everyone did a fantastic job. Turn out was superb, and participation was splendid. I absolutely loved seeing everyone get together around disco and share ther own deviant take on the most controversial, detestible, revolutionary, sexy, brutal, meaningless, and important musical style of the 20th century.

I found myself really looking through my records and asking myself “What the fuck is disco?” It’s a silly question really. Last month I was sitting at the Jet Blue terminal of JFK waiting for my flight back to San Francisco when ‘Stayin Alive’ by the Bee Gees came onto the loudspeakers. Sitting there quietly I watched every adult in the terminal start to tap their toes, and nod their heads. Every single child started to dance. By the middle of the song the children had all found each other, and were getting down on the slippery floor of the flourescent lit terminal, laughing and clapping, holding hands and spinning around. For a moment everyone was smiling, happy, and free. It was disco’s revenge, right there at gate 67A of Terminal 3.

With this in mind, I made a choice. If I could travel back in time would I go to Studio 54 – where the silver glitter and fabulous fame of Andy Warhol’s 15 minutes reighned supreme and no one remembered what song was playing? Or would I go back to the Paradise Garage and get down with a lower east side which was bursting at the seams to Larry Levan’s long, protracted, and amazing musical mosaics? To me it was a no brainer… Make mine Paradise.

So I dug for b sides, re edits, deep cuts, and just enough cheese to express myself freely, and that’s what I delivered. I couldn’t stop grinning, dancing, or laughing. It was a wonderful interruption to a serious theme I’ve been working on. I hope you died right along side me, and journeyed with my Boss DD-20 all he way to disco heaven.

Here is the track listing for Sunday Soul – DISCO HEAVEN:

1. Sunday Soul –
2. Carry On, Turn Me On – Space
3. Baja (Jellybean Dub) – Mascara
4. Don’t Stop – Re Edit – Ish
5. Get On Up And Do It Again – Suzy Q
6. I Don’t Know If It’s Right – Evelyn Champaign King
7. Purple Budd – Thick As Thieves
8. D Train keep On (Dub) – D Train
9. Love Supreme – Alexander Robotnick
10. Cloning – Brian Bennett
11. You Make Lovin’ Fun – Trailmix Re Edit – Fleetwood Mac
12. Black Stations White Stations – SirBilly 18 Carat Love Affair Re-Edit – Martha And The Muffins
13. To Prove My Love – Ned Doheny
14. Changes – Instrumental – Imagination
15. Bonaire (Al Usher Remix) – Dutch Rhythm Combo
16. Just A Touch of Love – Slave Featuring Steve Arringto
17. Funky Boogie (Edit) – John Ozila
18. Around The World In 80 Seconds – Nostromo
19. dance with me – Unknown Italo Disco Artist
20. Back To Love – Alfreda James & Billy Ray
21. Night Ride – Hot Chocolate
22. Supernature – Cerrone
23. Mutant Dance Move – Fashion
24. Now That We Found Love – Third World
25. You Sexy Thing – Sunshine’s Re Edit – Hot Chocolate
26. If You Want Me – Maelstrom Edit – Barbara Roy
27. Lover Girl – Sunshine Jones Re Edit – Teena Marie
28. Hum Along And Dance – United F – The Jackson 5
29. Can’t Fake The Feeling – Geraldine Hunt
30. Get Down On It – Kool and the Gang
31. Here’s To You – Skyy
32. You got Me Running – Lenny Williams
33. Street Life – Randy Crawford
34. Goodnight Tonight – Re Edit – Wings
35. Number One – Patrice Rushen
36. I Get Lifted – KC
37. Love to fly – 105 – Venus Gang
38. Get It Up For Love – Ned Doheny
39. Rockin’ Chair – Gwen Mccrae
40. Too much heaven – Bee Gees
41. Sunday Soul –
42. Rock Your Baby – George McCrae
43. Sunday Soul –

Total Running Time: 03 Hours 35 Minutes 52 Seconds