Sunday Soul – Your Eyes Will Be The Silver Stars – Episode 171

Last night’s broadcast was amazing. A complete surprise to me. It’s been an amazing week, in so many ways, and I wanted the theme this week – your eyes will be the silver stars – to reflect a state of grace and acceptance. I planned to howl at the moon, maybe lament a little, and express some kind of love which is devoted to life, in the present tense, and which welcomes all passions, pleasures, doubts and fears, hopes and dreams. I wanted to tenderly trace a moment in your arms which never fades, and yet, is no longer in this moment. So yeah, I was thinking this week’s theme would be bitter sweet, romantic and longing at once. There is an austerity to acceptance which is so easily confused with sadness, and I am often flirting with that space. But… the week unfolded in such a deeply beautiful way… accelerating up toward today in such a cosmic and inspirational way that all I could do was trust myself, trust you, and welcome the abundance of this world with open arms.

I spent the week working, going over numbers to organize my life, really getting close to the end of both of my album projects I’ve been working on for more than a year (respectively) and I feel a sense of loss, or grief. I know I need to just shut up and deliver these records, but somehow the world keeps spinning around and there is always something else to say, or something to take away. The virtue of haste appears to be lost on me. In a day I went from feeling certain that I would lose my treehouse and all that I’ve worked for over the last four years, to seeing clearly that I am going to be taken care of, and all will be well. In a day I went from feeling that I am a man who is better suited to being alone, to knowing absolutely that not only am I loved completely, but that even the things I believe about myself, about you, about the past and even the future are simply not true. In a day I went from feeling that friendship and trust are best let go of, into the stream of life, to dancing with them on the street, in the light of day, and celebrating just how meaningless fear can be. And finally, today was pride in San Francisco, and I spent the day with two lovely friends. We shimmered in the sun, and soaked up the love-fest, talking, dancing, walking, and simply being. I saw for myself that styles come and go, but house music is eternal. I was lost in a flurry of communiques so unexpected, and so welcome, and then, just minutes before the broadcast laughing at a table with people in support of me, people who love me, accepting an offer to go forward, to say more, to live in the real world.

What actually happened during the broadcast I can’t really say. I was full of fireflies and I’m sure the robots arrived at some point and took my mind from me. I didn’t put up a fight. I just stripped off my shirt, stepped out of my pants, and danced.

Here is the track listing for Sunday Soul: your eyes will be the silver stars:

1. Sunday Soul – Program ID
2. I Think… – Cosmic Metal Mother
* just when you think…
3. Chant #7 Bkat Dub – East River Rituals
4. Au Rêve – Tennishero
* the ground between us
5. Atlantis – Downtown Party Network remix – Solila
* where did you come from?
6. Flight 4020 – Jimmy & Fer Ferrari
7. Cause I Know – Sunshine Jones Complete Rework – The Groovers
8. Dream Machine – Spirit Catcher
9. Perfect Day – Acos CoolKAs Mix – Star You Star Me
10. Another Chance – Astraglide’s Deep Remix – Difyl
* this must be love
11. Monkey Overbite – The Emperor Machine
* a tragic rendition of ‘the look of love’ which i personally regret
12. The Look Into Your Eyes – Alex Santos Club Mix – Djazzy, Alex Santos
13. Cellophane Lover – The Popular Peoples Front
* irresistible
14. Bring Back The Love (Prins Thomas Dub) – Bebel Gilberto
15. Don’t Lead Me – House Mix – Paris Grey
16. Blackjoy – La Stache – Moustache
17. Cardiology – Isolée Mix – Recloose
18. Happamat Kallott – Uusi Fantasia
19. Pearls On A String – Plasmik
* this is your life
20. The sky is full of stars – Sunshine Jones *
21. The Power Of Intimacy – Already Mix – 4speakers
22. Billie Jean – Michael Jackson
23. I Thank You – Dolls Combers Element Mix – Stephanie Cooke
* Look at your feet
24. Star Kissed – K Scope
* fall down
25. All Of Me – Charles Webster’s Remix – Mark De Clive Lowe, Swell Session
26. Take 5 – Johnny Fiasco
27. Hot On The Heels Of Love – Throbbing Gristle
28. Stormy – Original Mix – Rocco
* what I’m gonna do when I get my hands on you…
29. For My Love – Barnabun
30. Nuclear Green Treatment – Harnessnoise
31. Missing You – Original Mix – Timur Fa
32. UNI – Hot & Cold Classic Mix – Soulsearcher
33. Wanna Be Starting Something – Michael Jackson
34. Sunday Soul – Program ID
35. Rock With You – Michael Jackson
36. Sunday Soul – Program ID

Total Running Time: 03 hours 41 minutes 27 seconds
* performed live