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Sunday Soul – Postponed this week

My friends, family, readers and listeners,

I am unable to produce Sunday Soul this week. Thursday night as I was preparing to leave town on a wonderful adventure through Joshua Tree, Death Valley, The Grand Canyon and Santa Fe for the week, I thought I should stop at the bank and make a deposit in order to be sure my rent check was well covered before I hit the road. I was gone from the rental car for about 9 minutes. When I returned the rear window had been smashed, and my precious Dance Tracks New York record bag was gone.

I lost my laptop – containing my entire music collection, all of my writing, photography, artwork, and the pre production for the new Dubtribe and Sunshine Jones albums. I lost my iPad, my headphones, and so much more. Of course I meticulously back up everything that’s done, and ready for the archives – but alas, I do not make backups of what’s active, current, and in regular use. I know, I know, I know (I’ve always said) but now I really know…

So it’s with a very heavy heart that I explain that I will be unable to produce Sunday Soul until I’ve regained my footing. This could take a few days, or this could take longer. Right now I’m not sure.

You can help:

You can click the red contribute button right here on this site and offer something to the program via paypal. We will use it to replace the essential hardware and music which was stolen. If that’s weird, you can always just send something via paypal to

If you aren’t into paypal, my sweet friend Jack Raynard has started a gofundme campaign in order to help with some of what’s been lost. There’s a humble start, and I would welcome your contribution if you feel inclined.

Here’s the campaign location:

Please feel no pressure or obligation to contribute anything. This is devastating, and I am crushed. But I believe that this has gone down like this for a reason – only love is real, everything else is a hallucination. I’m sure something amazing will come from the ashes of this experience, but right now I am seriously tripping…

In the meantime:
Please enjoy a deep review of the past 45 weeks of year 11’s transmissions by clicking the little archive menu at the top left of this page – out pops the visual guide to the year thus far – and have a wonderful time!

Thank you for your continued love and support of this idea.
I do it for you.
I love you

Sunshine Jones
February 27th 2015
San Francisco, CA

May the stars above you shimmer and shine, guiding your heart always, all of the time. May they guide you sweetly, all the way home. And may all your sundays have soul.